Merbau Gates Melbourne

First impression visitors have of your home, choose hardwood timber, merbau timber.

We install Merbau Gates

More often than note, a gate is the first impression visitors have of your home. 

A well-installed gate can offer a sense of style and security to your home and processions.

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Wood is a Cheaper Option

As wood is a cheaper option, it is far less expensive to have a fully enclosed gate. Many forms of metal gates are made out of bars. This could allow passersby and potential intruders to look inside your garden. 

Protect your privacy and save money with a fully enclosed timber gate.

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Compared to Gates

Wood is relatively inexpensive when compared to gates made from steel or plastic.

There is a cost attached to the maintenance of a wooden gate, however with such a low entry price. Wooden gates remain an attractive option for many looking to purchase a gate for your property.

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