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At HD Fencing wide Fencing, no job is too big or too small. We're a friendly and professional team that guarantees only the best in quality workmanship and peace of mind.

Our products are manufactured in Australia and comply with industry standards, making sure that your product not only looks good but survives that best of Australian weather.

We will work with you to achieve the best and most preferable solutions. We are willing to go the extra mile to provide a hassle-free service. We also ensure your peace of mind by always using quality hardwood posts. We use hardwood posts according to your fence height with the concrete footer.

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Style of Fencing

This is the most popular style of fencing in Melbourne and usually the most economical. It is constructed from plantation-grown CCA treated pine timber. A single skin (layer) of 100mm 150mm wide palings is used. These palings are chipped on the top corners, butted up against each other and nailed onto 3 treated pine rails which are 75mm deep using Galvanised nails. Once the palings have dried over time, they will have some shrinkage and leave a small gap between the palings, this is normal.

The most common size post is 150mm x 50mm although this might vary depending on the height of the fence being built. All posts are cemented in place if going into the ground use and comply with AS1604. Posts are trenched from the side, not center mortised, for a better fit and appearance.

Timber Fencing Install

Stylish budget-friendly solution

Weather, termite, and decay resistant. Moden treated pine fences have extreme resistance against termites pine fences have extreme resistance against termites, fungi, and bores. The treatment prevents the material from decaying for decades under extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

Noise Reduction Timber is a dense material with a great acoustic property, which substantially reduces road and traffic noise. If you are after a stylish yet budget-friendly solution for defining the boundary of your property, then Timber Fencing is the best choice for you. A popular style across Melbourne suburbs and most Australian homes is the traditional Treated Pine Paling fence. It is a top choice among homes for its long-lasting durability and affordability, as well as for its classic style that adds elegance to any property.

A Fencing Solution that will never go out of style timber fences offer versatility and can be customised to suit both your home design and your security and privacy needs. You can choose to add capping, exposed timber posts, or thicker plinths to make them stand out. For a more decorative effect, go for stepped style or incorporate little above the fence to WOW your neighbours! if you're looking for a simple and minimalist style, go for the standard timber fences that are subtle and blend in well with the surroundings. 

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Standard Paling Fence

Standard paling fence height is 1.95 meter we use hardwood posts according to the fence height.

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Capping fence

Fence post caps are caps that go on top of fence posts that provide your fence with a wide array of benefits. They are the relatively inexpensive way to greatly improve your fence's lifespan. Fence post caps can prevent water from soaking into the wood at the top of the post, increasing the fences longevity. Aside from that caps protect the posts from insects burrowing into them.

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Installing Fence Post

One of the greatest assets to installing fence post caps is their aesthetic appeal. Fence post caps can give your fence a unique look. They come in a wide variety of shapes styles and colors. Caps can add class and flair to any fence. Best of all, they are a great beginner DIY project. However, if you would rather not get your hands dirty, the HD Fencing experts at fence are more then capable of installing them for you.

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